5 Small Australian Eco-Friendly Brands We Love

Great brand recommendations from the bottom of our hearts for all of you who want to explore the zero-waste lifestyle

As much as we love to talk about shampoo and conditioner bars and other beloved products of ours, we also like to recommend excellent eco-friendly brands that have similar values to what Hair Cooki stands for.

 Keep on reading to learn more about the 5 small Australian sustainable brands we love and their signature products and commitment to the environment.


Eco-Friendly Brands Supporting Your Local Planet

  1. No Pong

We’re in love with No Pong, Australia’s number one all-natural deodorant because of their mission and the idea behind their product. For those just starting in their zero-waste journey or for those who want to stop underarm bacteria from taking over their lives, No Pong has created the best eco-friendly deodorant with ingredients that look after your skin and can help you get rid of the smell in no time.

There are several No Pong deodorants you can choose from with different fragrances and what we absolutely adore about them is that they make each twice, one bicarb free for people who have sensitive skin. So for every type of No Pong, you can find the bicarb-free option that will still do the job perfectly but without harming yourself.

Here you can take a look at No Pong’s website so you can join the all-natural trend whenever you’re ready.


  1. Who Gives A Crap

This article is not just a friendly recommendation of fellow Aussie brands we love but that we also truly admire. Hair Cooki was created to help people access quality hair care at affordable prices while educating users about environmental issues we take part in solving, and this exact thing is what Who Gives A Crap also contributes to.

Toilet paper might seem too normal or unharmful to need to switch to a more eco-friendly option, but if you take a look at what chemical processes regular toilet paper has to go through, you might want to double-think when you’re at the store. Who Gives A Crap manufactures sustainable toilet paper rolls, as well as paper towels, tissues, and cloths, that don’t contain any form of plastic, dyes, inks, or scents. This is great if you have sensitive skin or you irritate that area of your body frequently due to toilet paper.

But what sets Who Gives A Crap apart from other toilet paper brands is that they donate 50% of all profits to build toilets for people who need them. Hygiene and sanitisation are a huge concern in the world, with around 2 billion people not having access to decent bathrooms, leading to health issues and increased child mortality rates. Who Gives A Crap has already raised $10 million Aussie dollars to fight this number.

Here you can take a look at their website and contribute to their cause in any way you can.

Australian Eco-Friendly Brands
  1. Bhumi

Bhumi is redefining luxury styles, from your bedding to your towels and robes, they’re committed to changing the way we shop for top-class fabrics and items we use every day.

All products are made from certified organic cotton with no genetically-modified seeds, dyes, or hazardous chemicals used in the growing and production process. What’s more, organic cotton helps combat climate change because it needs less water and energy compared to other cotton varieties. 

Not only does Bhumi look after the environment with the materials used in its products but also strongly fights unethical and unhealthy workplaces. All items are made in regulated and fair trade factories with excellent work conditions and the highest respect for all workers in all aspects. Apart from this, they encourage local projects that have to do with improving citizens' lives, like the construction of new schools, health clinics, proper clean water access, and more. 

Here you can access their website to learn more about their mission and the incredible items they sell. 

Eco-Friendly Solutions Protecting Trees
  1. Modibodi

Innovation never seems to stop amazing us, and this is why we chose to add Modibodi to this list. The first biodegradable period and pee-proof briefs of all history have arrived, and we’re head over heels for them. 

Not only is it important to share some light on menstruation and how we feel as women, but to create products that help us and the environment at the same time too. Tampons and pads may seem practical for some, but in reality, they are big contributors to contamination since they end up in landfills and later are broken down into microplastics that pollute rivers, oceans, beaches, and water supplies.

Modibodi has created reusable collections for men, women, teens, and kids that are biodegradable, durable, and can be washed up to 100 times. Focusing on women’s health issues and rights, Modibodi is proud to present sustainable and effective solutions to the everyday struggles we face. 

Here you can take a look at their website and catalogue to find what you’re needing while helping the environment.


  1. Eco Minerals

All-natural makeup has arrived and we couldn’t be happier for adding Eco Minerals to this list. Foundations, bronzers, and blushes are all crafted by hand with 100% pure minerals that are vegan and cruelty-free certified.

Eco Minerals is revolutionising the world of makeup for those who want to take part in reducing the carbon footprint and consciously purchase everyday items. With an eco-friendly package too, this brand is by far one of our favourites. Each product’s ingredients can be easily found on their website with a detailed description of why they’re used and how they help the makeup and your skin. 

Here you can access their page to browse all items and help keep our planet safe by switching to an eco-friendly option for your makeup routine. 

Hair Cooki Bars - Zero Waste Lifestyle


About Hair Cooki

Hair Cooki is Australia’s best all-natural shampoo and conditioner bar manufacturer that is committed to helping the environment while educating consumers and distributing products that are good for your body. 

Take a look at our products and blog to keep learning more about conscious purchases and ecological products that are affordable and great for the planet.

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