How You Can Nail Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July & What You Can Do To Help The Environment

All you need to know about Plastic Free July to help keep the environment and our oceans clean.

 plastic pollution in our oceans

Plastic Free July is a movement that was founded in Australia by the Plastic Free Foundation in 2011. Since its beginning, Plastic Free July has become an incredible incentive for Australians, that has already begun to take momentum  across the world and become a worldwide phenomenon. The essence of Plastic Free July is to switch all the plastic-based items you have in your home for more eco-friendly options for the full month of July..and hopefully longer! 

If you’re interested in getting to know more about Plastic Free July and how you can adhere to it, keep on reading. Below you can find useful information about the movement, including what it stands for as well as the top 5 things you have in your home that are made from plastic, such as your shampoo and conditioner bottles, that you can begin to change today and help keep our planet safe.

Plastic Free July

What Is Plastic Free July?

As the name suggests, Plastic Free July is a global movement that incentivises people to reduce their plastic pollution contribution and switch to more sustainable options throughout the month. Although the initiative happens in July, users are motivated to keep plastic-free all year round.

The concept of the movement is very simple and quite fun. The overall idea is to reduce as much as possible the amount of plastic we “consume” this month. Things such as plastic bags, containers, bottles, and more are advised to be changed for eco-friendly options like reusable fabric bags, tin containers, and even metal bottles. The ideal scenario is to totally eliminate plastic from your daily life throughout June. You'll then see how easy it is to find more eco - friendly alternatives, and you'll be able to make these changes throughout the entire year. 

You’d be surprised how much we rely on plastic-based items in our daily lives, which is why Plastic Free July is great for raising awareness of this as well as helping users discover new ways to help the environment and hopefully get rid of plastic at all. 

There’s a common myth associated with non-plastic items, claiming that they’re not as durable, or not as hygienic all thanks to the well-established idea of disposable objects, but this cannot be further from the truth. Most plastic items are made very cheaply and are not designed to last, more often than not, the alternate option will be better quality and longer lasting.  Also just remember to keep your reusable eco-friendly items properly cleaned and stored.

Plastic Free July zero Waste Australia

5 Easy Ways You Can Get Started With Plastic Free July

The concept of Plastic Free July is very simple, but it can sometimes be difficult to know which things to change and for what others, which is why here you can find some common, and very easy-to-replace, options so you can start helping the environment and spreading the word about how easy it can be. Remember to start small, make little changes which you can commit to long term. 

1. Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles

Finally, one of the simplest things you can change during Plastic Free July is your shampoo and conditioner bottles. No, you don’t need to carry a non-plastic container and go to a store to fill it with shampoo and conditioner, thus there’s a more convenient and affordable option for this. Shampoo and conditioner bars are super popular now due to their long-lasting benefits (since their use equals almost three bottles of regular shampoo/conditioner) and their eco-friendly packaging.

shampoo bars Australia

2. Plastic Straws

If you have kids or just love to drink with a straw, you can easily purchase a metal or bamboo-based straw and contribute to Plastic Free July. This is great for carrying it around with you at all times just in case you decide to stop somewhere for a drink.  

3. Food Containers

There are lots of brilliant glass food containers now readily available on the market, and most have bamboo lids. Since switching to glass containers couple of years back, I hate the idea of plastic ones now. Glass containers are so much more durable, and easier to clean, You don't get gross stains on them like you do with plastic either! 

Plastic Free July

4. Shopping/Plastic Bags

Going grocery shopping can become an eco-friendly task if you decide to invest in a fabric reusable bag. They are inexpensive and come in beautiful colours and patterns, and are far more resistant than common plastic bags (so you can easily carry all your groceries without fearing the bag will tear apart) plus you’re helping to keep the oceans clean.  Remember when doing your shopping also, try to pick out fruit, veg, and salad that isn't pre wrapped in plastic. Buy the loose and pop them in your own reusable bags. 

5. Plastic Water Bottles 

By now it is easy to assume that every item you add the word “plastic” before it, can and should be replaced this Plastic Free July. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential throughout the day, therefore having a metal bottle is beneficial to the environment. In Australia, there are water fountains all over outdoors in parks, cities, and even at beaches, where you can fill this up. This also applies to plastic cups, plates, and even utensils..think coffee cups. Here's a fun (but shocking) fact. 2.7 million disposable coffee cups are thrown out every day in Australia. 


How Hair Cooki Can Help You Nail Plastic Free July

Plastic free july tips - shampoo bars

Hair Cooki is an Australian-based zero-waste hair care company that makes unique and eco-friendly shampoo bars and conditioner bars as well as other related items. We have a mission to help reduce plastic waste, prevent pollution and keep our oceans clean by informing users about ways they can finally leave plastic and switch to other non-harmful options for the Earth. 

We pack our bars with plant-based ingredients and others that are only strictly necessary, so you can keep your hair healthy and away from harsh chemicals. Take a look at our catalogue to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner bar for your hair while contributing to helping the environment. 

It is important to us to not only inform users of what we do as a brand but what we stand for too, which is why we make Plastic Free July an all-year-round movement. We hope you hop on the trend and keep some eco-friendly habits from now on, and remember to spread the word so others can also join the sustainable lifestyle that is best for our planet. 

If you're new to Hair Cooki or new to shampoo and conditioner bars, start here with our eco-friendly starter bundle. This contains 2 of our best selling shampoos and 2 best selling conditioner bars, all at a hugely discounted price, to get your started on your journey. Make the switch for a healthier planet, and healthier hair today! 

You can also read our comprehensive blog here about shampoo bars, with everything you need to know to get started! 


Shampoo bars Australia


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