Is Bamboo Better Than Plastic?

An insightful article about bamboo and why you should consider ditching your plastic-based products for this eco-friendly alternative Inside the sustainable community, bamboo is a dominant material that is used in many different products.

is bamboo more sustainable than plastic?

From furniture and fabrics to everyday items such as hair brushes and cotton buds, bamboo can be found in many different places.  What’s different about it, in comparison to plastic, is that it requires less energy and water to produce, since it is a natural and fast-growing tree, and doesn’t contribute to increasing the carbon footprint. Apart from this, bamboo-based products last longer than plastic ones and they are far more resistant.

In this article, we expose interesting facts about bamboo and why you should consider ditching plastic completely. Since bamboo can be used in many different products, we also included a section dedicated to taking care of your items to enhance their durability and keep their condition as perfect as possible.

 bamboo cotton buds

What Is Bamboo?

You probably already heard the word bamboo thousands of times, and know how the plant looks as well as which animal is famous for eating them, but what really is bamboo?

In simple terms, it is a naturally renewable and fast-growing grass that is similar to a tree. It does not require much maintenance to farm and pesticides/herbicides are not necessary either. Furthermore, it needs very little water to grow, making bamboo a very eco-friendly plant that has all the right properties to substitute plastic completely. Currently, there are about 1,200 species of bamboo and the majority are adaptable to the environment. They grow mostly in regions with high humidity and are commonly found in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Southern regions of the US also have bamboo as well as the UK.

What’s more, compared to normal trees that require around 35 years to fully grow back, bamboo plants can grow completely in about 3-4 months. This makes the forestation process faster and easier, and since the plant requires little to no maintenance, bamboo stands as a strong and promising replacement for plastic-based products. Bamboo & Its Environmental Impact Bamboo is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic due to various reasons. To begin, bamboo doesn’t consume as much energy to produce as plastic, thus they simply grow and are extracted without any intervention in the process. This signifies fewer steps in the supply chain that contributes to lowering the carbon footprint.

Further, bamboo plays a key role in maintaining biodiversity, in which bamboo forests are the main home and food source for several species that are sheltered and protected by them. Bamboo also prevents landslides and soil erosion, therefore increasing its plantation of them can increase the security of the planet and start lowering environmental degradation

Bamboo clothing

One additional comment we’d like to briefly mention is that this blog is highlighting bamboo accessories and products. Bamboo clothes are a totally different ball game. Some bamboo clothes are broken down with really harsh, dangerous chemicals to get them to feel extra soft. Please do research on this before purchasing bamboo clothing as our research suggests they could be worse for the environment and workers handling them, rather than something such as organic cotton.

 is bamboo more sustainable than plastic?

Do Bamboo Products Last Longer?

Since bamboo products are becoming more and more well-known around the world, the number of products manufactured using this material is increasing, therefore the quality and durability is doing so too.

Its natural strength is impressive and is translated to any item that is bamboo-based. Products such as our bamboo hair brush and bamboo shampoo bar drainer dish are two perfect examples of this. They are both lighter and more durable than plastic options and help the environment.

The bamboo hair brush, for example, presents soft bristles that are great for detangling without hurting your hair and scalp. The biodegradable bristles and handle are lightweight and easy to use and grab with your hand. As for the bamboo shampoo drainer, it is great for your soap bar or shampoo bar (which is another excellent eco-friendly option to replace your plastic-bottled shampoo!) and is also very durable, despite getting wet in the sower.

Further, not only are there reusable bamboo-based products but disposable ones too. Hair Cooki’s bamboo cotton buds are excellent for your ears and because they are 100% biodegradable, they don’t contaminate oceans nor require excessive amounts of energy and carbon dioxide to produce.

bamboo hairbrush

How To Care For Bamboo Products

If you look after your bamboo products correctly, you’ll extend its already-long durability. For bamboo products meant to be used in the shower, it’s advisable to take them out of the shower after each use. It is advisable to wipe them down with a microfibre or dry cloth after each use. For example, a bamboo shampoo bar drainer dish is used to hold your shampoo bar, which you can pat dry with something to prevent the water from staying too long in the material.

As for a bamboo hairbrush, which you can either use in the shower or outside, it is recommended that you remove all the hairs after each use.

You’ll want to give this a good clean every so often, so once a month, the next step is to give it a clean with some warm water and soap. You can either use your regular hand soap, or even use your shampoo bar to get some foamy soap to clean with. Just use something more natural, without strong chemicals. Fill up a small bowl or your sink with the soap and water and dip the brush inside, give it a bit of a shake and a rub. This will help remove any old oils or dead skin which may have built up in between or on the bristles. Be careful not to leave the brush to soak for too long. After a minute or two, remove the brush and dry it down with a dry cloth. For cleaning your bamboo products, do not use abrasive cleaners or pads that can damage the surface of your products. Simply use warm, clean water, and/ or gentle soaps and a cloth to get the job done.


Why Trust Hair Cooki?

Hair Cooki is an Australian-based and women-operated eco-friendly brand that knows how to look after the environment. We offer shampoo and conditioner shampoo bars and sustainable accessories such as bamboo hair brushes, bamboo cotton buds, and reusable makeup remover pads, among many others

As a sustainable company, we strive to educate users on the benefits of switching to more natural options rather than sticking to plastic. Here you can take a look at our catalogue and discover all of the eco-friendly products we offer.

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