Top Eco-Friendly Gifts For Conscious Consumers

Excellent ideas for those wanting to give an eco-friendly gift to others or themselves!

Top Eco-Friendly Gifts For Conscious Consumers


The zero-waste journey sometimes can start after receiving a sustainable gift from a friend or family member, and because we love to see more and more people hop on the train, we’re thrilled to bring you this article. 

Below you can discover the top eco-friendly gifts for conscious consumers you need to know about this year either for you or for a loved one. Including products that will make your day-to-day easier, as well as sustainable replacements to things you already have, we hope this article will spark some creativity and inspiration to make you or another person certain to switch to a zero-waste lifestyle.

eco friendly gifts - cooking class

Experience Gift Cards

For someone who either has everything, or doesn't like to consume much, often a great gift is an experience gift card. Whether it be for a craft making class, cooking class, a day out, or a night away somewhere in the mountains experiences will never be thrown away or forgotten. Better still, you can do it with them, and you get to enjoy each other’s company making memories together. Companies like Class Bento have some wonderful, local artisans teaching classes, and AirBnB can often mean supporting local families with accommodation or experiences. 

eco friendly gift box

Eco-Friendly Gift Box

If you know someone who is looking for daily swaps to make their life more eco-friendly, or if you are wanting to switch your shampoo and conditioner bottles for a more sustainable option, this is the perfect gift. Hair Cooki’s eco-friendly gift box contains everything you need to begin a new and renovated eco-friendly hair-care routine. 

There are a few kits you can choose from that contain a shampoo and conditioner tin, both in separate presentations, a drainer tray, special shampoo, and conditioner bars as well as the accessories you need to get started. Some boxes contain more than just shampoo and conditioner bars, they contain hand soaps, reusable makeup wipes, bamboo cotton buds and many more eco friendly products, It is perfect for those initiating their zero-waste journey and who want to have everything ready to go.

What’s different about these products, apart from their unique packaging and look, is their composition. Hair Cooki elaborates all shampoo and conditioner bars with nourishing and natural ingredients that are vegan and have not been tested on animals. What’s more, since our conditioner and shampoo bars last three times more than your regular bottles, this results in the ideal gift box that will last a long time. 

They make your hair look and feel incredible while repairing it from the inside gently. Here you can take a look at the full catalogue of hair-care eco friendly gift boxes to gift someone or yourself. 

Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles are a great gift for those looking to decorate their space and scent their home with the best fragrance combinations ever. Figgi and Rose, for example, offer outstanding soy wax candles in beautiful reusable whiskey tumblers that can later be used to hold your favourite drinks.

Soy wax candles burn slower than other waxes, allowing you to enjoy your candle for a longer period, and as a gift, this is the best property one can have. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and lighting a scented candle that fills your space with exquisite fragrances, and if you know the feeling you might want your friends to enjoy it too, therefore soy wax candles are another excellent gift for conscious consumers. 

Take a look at Figgi and Rose’s full catalogue of candles to choose the perfect scent for you. 

Sustainable Hand-Made Jewellery

Jewellery is always a great gift to give, and if you know someone who loves hand-made pieces then you should definitely check out Ipsa Designs’ Etsy website. They make earrings, necklaces, and more pieces out of recycled wood, all by hand and by Australian women.

We often forget how our everyday items can impact the environment, especially jewellery, which is why discovering a business that creates beautiful and eco-friendly pieces is essential for starting your zero-waste journey or inviting a friend to know more about it. Further, supporting Australian-owned and operated businesses is crucial for incentivizing people to stop purchasing mass-produced items that are made with a toxic and harmful process that accelerates the deterioration of the environment.

Here you can browse through Ipsa Design’s shop and see for yourself how stunning their jewellery is. 

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

This is by far one of the coolest gifts ever, and we’ll tell you why. Reef Cycle makes eco-friendly sunglasses out of nets removed from the Northern Great Barrier. After being shredded and melted, the materials are poured into molds to create the frames for the final sunglasses.

As more orders are placed, more nets can be removed from the ocean, helping marine life stay intact and unharmed. What’s more, 50% of all profits go back to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for conservation work.

Not only can you gift an extraordinary accessory but you can also help more than 5 different marine animal species keep living in peace. Here you can take a look at ReefCycle’s range and choose the best sunnies for a friend, including non-prescription and prescription options. 

fishing net pollution in oceans


Why Hair Cooki?

Among all sustainable brands, why choose Hair Cooki? We’re proud to distinguish ourselves from others by prioritising quality and natural ingredients and offering products that last and can make your everyday life easier. 

As an Australian-owned and operated brand, Hair Cooki strives to spread knowledge about eco-friendly products and the importance of making the change to sustainable options to help the environment. We are still a new, young, and very small brand, who values feedback. We are constantly looking through our reviews to find ways to make our products or purchasing process better. 

Apart from this, offering affordable eco-friendly options that everyone can have and enjoy is what makes all of this possible. We don’t believe in keeping secrets or products hidden from you for just a few to enjoy, but rather believe that the more people know about them and how they can help them in their daily lives, the more people will start to switch to eco-friendly products that will ultimately contribute to the planet’s safety. 

If you’d like to know more about us, check out the rest of our website and catalogue for the full list of products we offer.  

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