Why are shampoo bars better?

Why are shampoo bars better?
Shampoo bars. Most people have heard about them, but many people still don’t fully know why anyone would use them. We’re here to set the record straight in 5 digestible points.
1. They are planet friendly! The first biggest feature is that they have no plastic. Did you know that 9 million tonnes of plastic bottles end up in the ocean every year! Shampoo and conditioner bars aim to help this problem by being a solid shampoo which can go into a reusable tin or a box to eliminate the need for a plastic container.  
However, shampoo and conditioner bars are environmentally friendly for more reasons than just being plastic free - they save water, are smaller and refillable, saving on packaging, and also making them much easier to transport from manufacturing to warehouse to you, or they reduce their carbon footprint! 
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2. No liquid = concentrate and lasts longer. Have you ever looked at the back of your bottle of shampoo and looked at what it is made up from? You’ll find the number one ingredient is water (aqua). This usually makes up around 80% of what is in your bottle. Shocking right? So if you remove the water and just have the concentrate formula, it's a solid shampoo bar. This means that they are activated with water, and therefore they last much longer. Hair Cookis typically last as long as around 3 x bottles of shampoo or conditioner.
How long does a shampoo bar last?
3. Shampoo bars are travel friendly! No liquid and more compatible = you can travel with them and take them in your hand luggage on planes. That's right.
Do you get annoyed before travelling, that you need to buy small shampoos under 100ml that won't last? Well, go liquid free shampoo and you'll never have to think twice about it again! 
Always check a bag in? Then this gets even better for you. Remember those times you check in to your hotel, you're so excited to be away? You go to your suitcase immediately, obviously not to unpack, but to grab your bathers to jump straight in the pool or sea.  You unzip your case and see that there is a gooey slimy, sticky liquid all over your toiletries, and even worse, your clothes!
Yup, the old leaked shampoo bottle. Ugh, Everytime. Not only is your bag thrown around by handlers at the airport, but due to the pressure on the aircraft, this can cause the air in your shampoo bottle to expand and therefore will often force open the top of the bottle, meaning leeky gooey shampoo everywhere. 
Do yourself a favour and use shampoo bars. 
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4. Compact and easy to store away so your bathroom is less cluttered.  
For me, living in a CBD apartment, decluttering and utilising space is important. Plus I just hate how bottles of haircare and cosmetics can just ruin the aesthetics of an otherwise beautiful bathroom with an elegant, simple look. The past few years I've been on a mission to rid plastic from my bathroom and the more you do it, the more you realise how much you don't want it laying around anyway. You can now go for a compact shampoo bar, conditioner bar, face and body bar. This cleared up my shelf for the shower. And using things like a bamboo drainer gives it such a nice, fresh, natural look.
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5.  Many shampoo bars (not all), are built with mostly natural ingredients. They don’t use parabens or other harsh chemicals in, gently cleaning your hair and nourishing them with natural oils which help keep your hair healthy. They also don’t have water in them which means they typically don't need preservatives in them.
Check out some of our reviews to see how many customers have had a hair transformation after switching from supermarket bottled shampoo to Hair Cooki shampoo bars. You can often notice your hair feels and looks healthier after the first wash! 

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