How do you use a Hair Cooki?

Wet Hair Cooki Shampoo Bar in hands until it begins to lather.  Run bar through wet hair from root to tip and massage until hair is lathered.  Rinse out with water.  Follow with conditioner if needed. Please remember that conditioner does not lather, so neither do our conditioner bars. You lightly coat the hair and rinse it out after a couple of minutes.

To keep your shampoo bar in good condition and long lasting, allow to dry in between washes.  We recommend using a drainer which can let the Cooki dry thoroughly. You can purchase the perfect sustainable bamboo drainer, or use something similar. 

Watch this video here for how to use.


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do - Please send an enquiry to us at hello@haircooki.com with more details about your business and we can get back to you with of our our wholesale information. 

Do you have a conditioner bar?

Yes! We now have 2 Conditioner Bars which you can use after the Shampoo Bar for a complete zero waste hair care routine! 

What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for curly hair?

Our Argan Oil and Hemp Seed Oil is the best to try because of its gentle nourishing properties, which leaves your hair feeling lightweight, bouncy, and clean! 

Here is a review we recently received for the Argan Oil & Hemp Seed Oil bar:

"For all my kinky curly haired girls, Hair Cooki has several different kinds of bars, I'm using the Argan Oil & Hemp Seed Oil bar and I love it.  It doesn't strip my hair and it's nice and moisturising”.

What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for sensitive skin?

Our bars are not made specifically with those who has any medical conditions or sensitive skin. It can very much depend on what causes irritation on your skin, which can greatly vary between people. Our Coconut bar is our most gentle shampoo bar.  It contains only 6 ingredients: sodium coco sulfate, natural organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, coconut extract.

What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for oily hair?

Our Lemon bar and Peppermint & Chamomile bar are best for anyone who has oily hair.  The citronella and essential oils in these bars make them suitable for oily hair, as they help remove and manage oil production in the hair. 

What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for dry hair?

Try the Argan Oil & Hemp Seed bar to really nourish your hair if you suffer from dry hair.  Or if your ends are just in need of a bit of TLC this bar will be sure to help bring moisture back into your hair. 


What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for dandruff / dry scalp?

Have no fear, dandruff is very common! If this is you, our calendula shampoo & conditioner are the best pair to fight against dandruff!!


What is the best Hair Cooki shampoo bar for itchy scalp?

Our Peppermint & Chamomile bar can be a great relief for those itchy scalps! Pair this with the calendula conditioner for the best experience. 


Are Hair Cookis 100% natural? 

Hair Cookis are made with mostly natural ingredients, but are not fully natural. We avoid using many of the harsh chemicals you will find in many off the shelf shampoos and conditioners, and we also supplement our Cookis with  lots of natural goodness that can be great for hair such as argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. A full list of ingredients can be found on each product page. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions. 

Do you need to use a conditioner with Hair Cooki shampoo bars?

Our bars are only shampoo but they are packed with nourishing and moisturising natural ingredients, so some of our customers have said they don't use conditioner when using Hair Cooki, but it is a very personal opinion. 

If you usually use conditioners we suggest to continue a Hair Cooki Conditioner bar after the Hair Cooki Shampoo Bar. 

Can I order refills without the tin?

Yes, we do! Click on the product you want to purchase, and you will now see two options available - "With Tin" and "Refill - No Tin". Please note that the shampoo tins and conditioner tins are different sizes, so if you want the tins you will need one of each of these. 

Do you have a Hair Cooki shampoo bar for dyed or coloured hair? 

We don't have a specific bar we recommend for dyed hair.  However, I have dyed blonde hair, and I’ve used all of the bars without an issue, but I also use purple conditioner once a week to help with those brassy tones. 

How do I store my Hair Cooki shampoo bar?

Our Hair Cooki shampoo bars can last for 3 months or more.  You need to dry the bar fully before placing it back in the tin in between uses. The best way to do this is using a tray or drainer which can let the Cooki drip and air dry. You can purchase the perfect sustainable bamboo drainer, or use something similar.  To ensure the bar lasts as long as possible, we also recommend storing the bar in a dry area of your bathroom, such as a cabinet, rather than in the shower. Following these directions will stop your Cooki from going mushy and will help it last a long time. 

What packaging do you use to deliver the Hair Cooki in?

All of our orders are shipped to you in wither 100% recycled padded envelopes or boxes to protect the tins against any dings. These envelopes are also suitable for recycling after use.  Our orders are delivered with Sendle, our carbon neutral shipping partner, or Australia Post for rural addresses and PO Boxes.  

Why doesn't the conditioner bar foam up, is it working?

Conditioner doesn't lather in water the same way that shampoo does, if you think to how regular bottled shampoo coats the hair, it should have the same effect. 
The bars don't always feel like lots comes off the bar, as you shouldn't need too much. Usually if you stroke it through the hair 2-4 times , when you touch your hair you should feel the conditioner In the hair even if it doesn't seem like much comes off. When you brush your hair after, you will notice is feels smoother and easier to comb through.  
Are there nuts in your bars?
All of our bars contain some form of coconut in them. Some of our bars contain macadamia and argan nut oil, but all of our bars are made in a factory where there could be traces of other types of nuts / nut oil, so if you have any nut allergy, we would advise you to not use our bars.