zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair
zero waste hair shampoo bar rose for oily hair

Rose Conditioner Bar

"Leaves hair very soft & silky! Very happy with my purchase!"
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  • Lasts up to 3 bottles of conditioner
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Rose Zero Waste Conditioner Bar -

Made with love for all hair types, especially oily hair 

Roses never go out of style, which is why we’ve infused this conditioner bar with musky rose oil distilled from garden-fresh petals (white, my favourite). Not only does it scent your hair and shower (no more air freshener!), but it also strengthens each strand and soothes your scalp. 
 And because one oil is never enough, we’ve thrown in fruity olive oil and rich jojoba to thicken and repair, and a dash of shea butter for nourishment and grease-free shine – because no one wants stains on their pillow!
What’s more, when you use our natural conditioner bar regularly, your hair stays softer, fuller and tangle-free for longer, so you won’t need to wash or condition your hair as often. That means no nasties, less waste and more savings – which is what Hair Cooki is all about!


  • 🌱 Made with nourishing, natural ingredients 
  • 🌱 Plastic-free and refillable
  • 🌱 Water-free
  • 🌱 Vegan and cruelty-free   
  • 🌱 Replaces up to 3 bottles of shampoo
  • 🌱 Leaves hair nourished, soft and clean
  • 🌱 Makes your hair smell great
  • 🌱 Reusable metal tin for storage & travel
  • 🌱 100% Australian and female-owned
  • 🌱 Happiness guarantee
  • 🌱 Take our Free Hair Quiz to find recommended products for your hair

    🚚 🇦🇺 $9.45 flat-rate delivery.  Orders placed before 1pm will be shipped the same day! *See shipping policy for further details and conditions. 

    How to use:  
    Wet Hair Cooki Shampoo Bar in hands until it begins to lather.  Run bar through wet hair from root to tip and massage until hair is lathered.  Rinse out with water.   

    After rinsing out shampoo, wet Cooki Conditioner Bar in hands and rub gently. Run bar through wet hair from root to tip and massage until hair is lightly coated . Rinse out with water. If you get the conditioner in your eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.  

    To keep your shampoo bar in good condition and long lasting, allow to dry in between washes.  We recommend using a drainer which can let the Cooki dry thoroughly. You can purchase the perfect sustainable bamboo drainer, or use something similar. 

    Our bars are refillable, just buy the shampoo and conditioner refill next time for a complete zero waste hair hair care. 

    One 75g Hair Cooki Conditioner Bar can last as long as three 250g plastic bottles of conditioner.  Hair Cooki is great for your hair, and great for the environment!

    Hair Cookis are Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.  Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars are jam-packed with beneficial natural ingredients that your hair will love, all you need to do is add water and rub it through your hair.  Shampoo Bars work just like plastic-bottled shampoo and will leave your hair feeling nourished, clean, shiny, and soft. Plus, Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars have the added environmental benefits of being plastic-free and being made from mostly natural ingredients.

    Hair Cooki conditioner bars are theperfect travel conditioner✈️  Hair Cookis are light and compact, but best of all, they are concentrated shampoo which makes them solid.  This prevents any liquid restrictions at the airport or any accidents with shampoo popping in your luggage (we’ve all been there!).

    Cetearyl alcohol, olive oil, Behentrimonium methosulfate (BTMS), natural organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, rose essential oil.

    Conditioner Bar: 75g.  Conditioner Bar + Reusable Metal Tin: approximately 100g.

    Hair Cooki Happiness Guarantee 💯 😊

    This is our promise to you. If you do not love Hair Cooki - You can get your money back.

    Try Hair Cooki risk-free. 

    In the unlikely event that you aren't 100% happy and wish to return something to us, please email us at to speak to one of our Happiness Champions.  They will see if we can help you resolve the issue, or alternatively provide you with the returns info (you are responsible for shipping and returns fees).


    Return must be received within 60 days. Only bars purchased from will be accepted along with proof of purchase. Refunds will only be given back onto the same payment method. 

    You must not have used more than 25% of the bar. You will be refunded once we receive the bar back, so we do advise tracking to be used when returning products. We do not refund any delivery or return shipping fees. 

    If you wish to exchange for another type, you must also pay the new delivery fee. 

     Hair Cooki Happiness guarantee

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    I have been using your Coconut shampoo bar for a few weeks now and I love it! It makes my hair feel amazing and smells so nice, it’s so easy to use and I absolutely love the idea of a shampoo bar that’s plastic free!

    Bree Clarke
    Hunter Valley, NSW

    I love everything about your shampoo, the lovely fragrance, the way it soaps up and of course it’s reduced impact on the environment.

    Marian Dalrymple
    Victoria, AU

    Smells so good! Love the way my hair feels after and so glad I can look at the ingredients and know what's going into the product! So easy to use too and love that I'm able to reduce my plastic usage by using this, definitely recommended!

    Isabella Gamble
    Perth, WA

    First off: no more disposable single use plastic! I like all the options available and the natural ingredients. My hair feels clean and healthy. My favourite is the Rose Conditioner Bar

    Marcela Prochon
    Queensland, AU

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    Read our blog here.

    On why shampoo and conditioner bars are better. There are many reasons including many environmental reasons that make them much more eco friendly than bottled shampoo

    Our bars are only shampoo but they are packed with nourishing and moisturising natural ingredients, so some of our customers have said they don't use conditioner when using Hair Cooki, but it is a very personal opinion. 

    If you usually use conditioners we suggest to continue a Hair Cooki Conditioner bar after the Hair Cooki Shampoo Bar. 

    This is very difficult to answer for everyone, because everybody's hair is different. Typically, we would recommend using our shampoo and conditioner bars to wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Many people who have been used to washing their hair more frequently have found using our shampoo bars they cut right down. This is likely because of removing the harsh chemicals and parabens, and having natural oils and ingredients to help their hair keep clean and healthy.

    When you switch to our shampoo bars, best practice is to continue to wash as regularly as you are with your bottled shampoo to begin with, but it's likely over the coming weeks that you will find you can go an extra day or so without washing. You are the best judge of your own hair :)

    They shouldn't, providing you have selected a high quality shampoo bar that is well suited to your hair. If you often suffer with dry hair, be sure to use ourargan oil shampoo and conditioner bar or our coconut oil shampoo and conditioner bar. You can also take our free hair quiz here to find the right shampoo and conditioner bar for you. 

    In fact, most people find the opposite with our shampoo and conditioner bars, because we cut out the harsh ingredients, and use natural oils which help cleanse and nourish the hair. Many people find their hair feeling super soft even after their first wash!

    Your hair should feel amazing after using our shampoo and conditioner bars. If it feels like it's greasy or oily, you haven't washed the product out properly. It's surprising how little you need, because they are concernatre. You can also check out this blog here about changing to shampoo bars.

    Absolutely not...well, not ours anyway!

    Some shampoo and conditioner bars may be soap based, but rest assured our bars are made with high quality ingredients that are made to cleanse, nourish, and repair hair..not skin! We have spent a lot of time and testing to get the perfect balance of ingredients to help keep your hair healthy.

    Check out this blog we wrote on using shampoo bars.

    It's really easy to switch to shampoo bars, just select the right one for your hair and follow the instructions, making sure you rinse it out properly. Use your own judgment if you need to use conditioner bars after. You shouldn't find you have a 'transition' period, but it may just take a little while to get used to using them.

    Our Hair Cooki conditioner bars can last for 3 months or more.  You need to dry the bar fully before placing it back in the tin in between uses.

    The best way to do this is using a tray or drainer which can let the shampoo and conditioner bar drip and air dry. You can purchase the perfect sustainable bamboo drainer, or use something similar. 

    To ensure the bar lasts as long as possible, we also recommend storing the shampoo and conditioner bars in a dry area of your bathroom, such as a cabinet, rather than in the shower.

    Following these directions will stop your Cooki from going mushy and will help it last a long time.