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      Eco Friendly Gift Boxes & Bundles

      Cooki Haircare bundles and gift boxes are the perfect present for conscious consumers, and are full with eco friendly products. Ideal for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, graduation gifts, or just a thank you gift. They are also perfect as a travel lover gift, as out shampoo and conditioner bars are travel friendly, especially for those who like to pack and travel light as they can be carried in hand luggage! 
      If you are also looking to kick start your zero waste journey yourself, but you're not sure where to start, this is the perfect place for you. You can try a few of our famous shampoo and conditioner bars and get the start up accessories you need, all at a bargain bundle price. 
      Don't forget you can add more sustainable accessories from our collection,
      All of our Hair Cooki products which are made for hair care and self care, are plastic free and environmentally friendly. Our gift boxes come delivered in a recycled, cardboard box which can also be recycled after use. 
      Give a loved one a gift that they will love, and the planet will love you for too.  
      A Cooki Haircare Shampoo Bar is concentrated shampoo in a solid bar form. When you rub the Cooki with water it lathers in the same way as bottled shampoo.  Making Cooki Haircare shampoo in a solid bar eliminates the need to use a plastic bottle for packaging making them entirely plastic free.
      Cookis are Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.  Cooki Haircare Shampoo Bars are jam-packed with beneficial natural ingredients that your hair will love, all you need to do is add water and rub it through your hair.  Shampoo Bars work just like plastic-bottled shampoo and will leave your hair feeling nourished, clean, shiny, and soft. Plus, Cooki Haircare Shampoo Bars have the added environmental benefits of being plastic-free and being made from mostly natural ingredients. You’ll see some favourable ingredients in our shampoo bars, such as argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and olive oil. These ingredients are selected to help your hair to thrive, keeping healthy, feeling soft, and looking clean and shiny. 
      Cooki Haircare shampoo bars are the perfect travel shampoo ✈️
      Cookis are light and compact, but best of all, they are concentrated shampoo which makes them solid.  This prevents any liquid restrictions at the airport or any accidents with shampoo popping in your luggage (we’ve all been there!).

      Our bars are refillable, just buy the shampoo and conditioner refill next time for a complete zero waste hair hair care. 
      One 65g Cooki Haircare Shampoo Bar can last as long as three 375ml plastic bottles of shampoo. Cooki Haircare is great for your hair, and great for the environment!