Our Story

Welcome and thank you for visiting Hair Cooki.
Hair Cooki was founded by me - Hannah, based in the Sunny Gold Coast. 
I have always been passionate about our beautiful planet, and am constantly seeking new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce my impact on the planet. 
In 2018, my husband and I quit our corporate jobs and lifestyle and packed our belongings up into two backpacks.  From this moment in time, we made a pact to always be more conscious of what we buy and who we buy from.  We spent the next two years travelling the world, visiting Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. Whilst we were on this journey, we saw so much of our precious environment that has been destroyed by litter and plastic.  This gave us the big wakeup call we needed, so we began to think about how we can make a difference in the world and help other people on their zero waste journey. 
While being constantly on the move, we also realised that carrying plastic shampoo bottles is not practical and is actually unnecessary.  This is how Hair Cooki was born. 
I decided to look at the ingredients in our shampoo bottle.  There were 21 ingredients on the label, but I only really knew what one. ingredient was: aqua..Aka water! The majority of the ingredients in regular shampoo bottles are long scientific words that are not natural, and we had no idea what they were.  When I began to research what some of these ingredients are, I realised that they are not only bad for the environment, but some of them are not good for people to use on their skin and in their hair. 
Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars are made with mostly natural ingredients, and contain no added water and no plastic.  The shampoo is concentrated into a bar, rather than mixed with water in a bottle.  All of our bars come with a reusable tin which you can store your bar in. 
Just ask yourself: how many disposable plastic items are you using that could be replaced with a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option? 
If you look around your home at all of the things you use on a regular basis (like shampoo, toothbrush, bags, hand soap), there is a plastic-free alternative for each of them.  I want to help people transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle and get rid of some of that unnecessary plastic from your life.
Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars are just one way you can help to cut plastic out of your life. 
My favourite Cookis are:
 Oil & Hemp Seed Oil Shampoo & Coconut Conditioner
I want to support everyone on their new zero waste journey, so please reach out if you have any questions for me! 
I can’t wait to hear feedback from you on which is your favourite Hair Cooki!
Hannah 🌴