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Customer Reviews


This is the only product that works for my son's hair and scalp as he has psoriasis. I am a hairdresser and have used professional products as well as many chemist and supermarket brands. In one application of the Peppermint & Chamomile Shampoo the redness is reduced and as well as the flakiness. By wash 3 his red raw scalp has disappeared. I would highly recommend this product.

Sharon T.
South Australia, AU

First off: no more disposable single use plastic! I like the natural ingredients, my hair feels clean and healthy.

Marcela P.
Queensland, AU

Took the Purple Shampoo away with me on my travels, the tin was ideal! My hairdresser commented on how soft my hair was, and the brassy tones are definitely improved!!

Debbie B.
Tasmania, AU

I've been using Cooki for over 2 years now, but have also tried other bar brands as well as liquid shampoo, as my hair has been falling out, so I've been a bit desperate. I will honestly say that your Cinnamon and Ginger shampoo bars are the ONLY ones to date which stop my hair fall. I recently tried a liquid shampoo which received rave reviews about hair growth, and when I tried this overpriced product, I lost more hair than ever before! I went straight back to Cooki products and I don't think I will deviate in future.

Raelene G.
Victoria, AU

I have been using the Jasmine & Cypress Bar for a month now and I absolutely love it. It’s super easy to use, smells divine and bubbles well. The little tin box that comes with is super practical for travelling! Most importantly it washes my hair incredibly well, even after I did an oil mask. The bar ends up quite economical as well, it still looks sizeable after one month of use.

Lise from Sydney

I love the way this shampoo lathers and smells!!! The conditioner is so wonderful too, It’s not too heavy or greasy! My hair looks so good, I even had a compliment after my first use. Definitely buy this!!!

Jennifer S.
Iowa, USA
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Economical and Saves Water - Did you know your plastic shampoo bottle contains 80% water? That's why it's listed first. Cooki is waterless, concentrated shampoo in a bar, and lasts up to three bottles of shampoo!

Eliminates Plastic - Your bar comes in a reusable metal tin or a recycled cardboard box. One bar = 3 bottles of shampoo - that's 3 fewer plastic bottles going to landfill for every bar you buy.

Reduces Carbon Footprint - Cooki comes in a solid bar.  It's smaller and lighter than plastic bottles, and takes up less space when shipped.