How To Look After Grey and Ageing Hair

The top tips to improve your grey and ageing hair care routine and fight ageing hair loss and thinning

Over time, your hair naturally changes its colour and texture due to hormonal changes, the food you eat, medication, and other factors. This leads to ageing hair loss and thinning, and depending on your genetics, stress, and similar, the process can speed up. Both men and women experience this, with women being more affected due to menopause around their 40s.

If you’re looking to stop the effects of age on your hair, whether it is before or after menopause, the following information will help you out. Although your hair will lose its strength, colour, and thickness as you age, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to slow down the process.

Started to embrace the grey hair? We think that’s great, and it’s a natural process we all go through! In this post, we gathered the top tips and recommendations for looking after ageing and grey hair. Including best shampoo for grey hair, washing frequency, which foods are good to eat, and other tips to help enjoy healthy and strong hair. 

best shampoo bars for grey hair  

1. Wash Less Frequently

Depending on your hair type, how often you wash your hair may vary, but in general, washing it too frequently can result in a dry scalp, speeding up ageing hair loss. This being said, you should wash your scalp at least twice a week to properly clean it.

The temperature of the water you use to shower and the type (and quantity) of the products you use can also contribute to thinner and delicate hair. If you want to look after ageing hair, the number one tip is to wash it less frequently, if you can. Since many people have greasy hair, they might feel the need to wash it every day, but there are options to prolong their hair washing time such as a protective hairstyle, gel, and more.

If you can extend the period between one wash and the other, your ageing hair will be forever thankful.


Grey Hair Care Routine

2. Choose The Right Ageing Hair Products

Ageing hair needs a sort of specialised treatment, just like other hair types will need in order to keep it as healthy as possible.

If you like to dye your hair, for example, it is essential that you do it in a salon with a professional so you can have your desired style with the appropriate products a hair stylist will know are good for ageing hair. 

You’ll want to use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated with natural, nourishing ingredients and vitamins that ageing and grey hair. Hair Cooki’s argan oil shampoo and conditioner bars are great products to incorporate into your ageing hair care routine for strong and nourished hair, and have been recommended as the best shampoo bars for grey hair by many of our customers. You can check out all our reviews here.

Apart from this, if you want to use hot tools—which are not always recommended for ageing hair since they can dry out your hair and damage its texture—you should get a heat protectant and apply it to your hair every time before drying, straightening, or curling it, or just try to use these less frequently.  


3. Eat A Protein-Rich Diet

At any stage of your life, the food you eat can impact the health of your hair (as well as other factors such as genetics, stress, hormones, and more) which is why it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet with enough protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to allow your hair to be strong and thick.

As you age, your hair is naturally replaced with thinner and shorter hair that is more prone to falling out (1), but by prioritising your protein consumption, you can fight this process and look after ageing hair. Hair follicles are made from protein, therefore getting enough of this is very important if you want to argue the effect of ageing hair loss.

Any green vegetable, eggs, berries, and similar are what you should aim to include in your ageing hair care routine.


4. Do Not Do Super Tight Hairstyles

As we’ve been saying throughout the article, after your 40s (or sometimes before, depending on a lot of factors) your hair starts to lose its strength and colour, therefore doing tight hairstyles can contribute to ageing hair loss.

Have you ever done a ponytail and after a long day you take it out and watch your hair fall out? Well, imagine doing that to vulnerable hair strains caused by ageing. If you can reduce the number of times you do a tight hairstyle you can decrease the chances of further damaging your hair. But for those who need to have their hair up, and super secured, you should invest in an ageing hair product that recovers strength.

Further, using a soft hair tie will help too, such as a scrunchie or a headband that keeps your hair out of the way.


How To Look After Grey and Ageing Hair

5. Do Regular Trims

There’s a misconception about growing your hair and trimming it to speed up the process, thus many people believe that to have their hair longer they should avoid regular trims.

The reality is, if you stop trimming your hair once in a while you’ll be encouraging breakage along your hair. Since you trim your hair to remove dead ends, if you don’t do it, your dead ends will start becoming your dead middle, and the damage will be further. By just trimming your ends, your hair can grow faster and healthier, even if you’re experiencing changes due to ageing.


Looking After Ageing Hair With Hair Cooki

Hair Cooki is Australia’s number one sustainable hair care company that offers more natural shampoo and conditioner bars suitable for all hair types and all ages. Our products are formulated with nourishing ingredients that look after ageing hair and make it stronger and thicker.

We have a broad catalogue of products you can take a look at here that are great for ageing hair loss and other issues you might be facing due to your age, hormonal changes, stress, and more.

Hair Cooki’s mission is to deliver quality and affordable hair care products that don’t contaminate the environment and are excellent for your scalp, hair, and body.


best shampoo bars for grey hair

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