5 Mistakes You're Making When Washing Your Hair

Here's a quick guide to 5 things you might be doing wrong when washing your hair! 

5 things you are doing wrong when washing your hair!

1 - Brush your hair before you wash! This may sound simple for many people, but for some busy bees who might have bun hair the day before the big wash, you might be forgetting to give your hair a quick brush before washing. Having combed hair will help distribute the shampoo and conditioner properly and will help get those tangles out quicker with the conditioner. 

2 - Massage your scalp with shampoo - Make sure you get a good lather (we know that's easy with Hair Cooki), and pay attention to the scalp. Really give your scalp a good massage, and don't forget to go under your hair, getting all the root are near the neck too. 

3 - Let your hair dry 50% before brushing. Where possible, we are big fans of a natural and towel dry (If it's not too cold where you are), at least sometimes, to give your hair a break from the heated hair dryers). Try to towel dry your hair and let it dry about half way before brushing. This will avoid tangles and help to prevent breakage from the comb. 

4 - When towel drying your hair, pat it, don't rub it. It's tempting to rub your hair vigorously with a towel, but they can just cause the hair to knot and tangle up. Try to just lightly pat it to help get excess water off. 

5 - Brush your hair from the bottom, and work up - An oldie but goldie. I remember my Nan (a very talented and passionate hairdresser) teaching me this from a very young age. Always comb out your hair from the bottom, and work up to the top. It will be heaps easier to get out any tangles, and prevent any small knots forming into big tangles. 

I hope these helped, and feel free to send us your best tips, we LOVE them! 

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