Benefits Of Coconut Oil Shampoo

Benefits Of Coconut Oil Shampoo

An overview of one of the most famous oils for hair growth and damage repair ever to help you understand more why you should invest in shampoos that have this ingredient. 

Coconut oil shampoo

Coconut oil can be used for many different things such as cooking, skincare, and shampoo. The oil has hydrating and moisturising properties that have been shown to be beneficial for our hair and skin, as well as our health in general. 

It seems that now with social media at its peak, many more people are finding out about the benefits of coconut oil for hair and deciding to give it a try, which is why we decided to write this article to provide insightful information about it so you can start enjoying healthy, strong and shiny hair again.

Below you can read all about coconut oil shampoo, including why switching to coconut oil-based products can heal your scalp, how the oil can also moisturise your skin and relieve itchiness as well as some crucial benefits that have to do with preventing breakage and enhancing your hair’s strength.

Coconuts for making coconut oil shampoo

All About Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is made from the flesh of a coconut and contains a variety of nutrients. Coconut oil has natural qualities that are beneficial to your skin and has a pleasant and sweet taste. Coconut oil is frequently recommended by dermatologists for its hydrating and anti-aging effects.

Coconut oil contains 47% lauric acid, which has antibacterial qualities when applied to the skin. Lauric acid has healing effects and is especially prone to absorb into the strands of your hair. Coconut oil penetrates fast into your hair, adding hydration and helping to manage frizz and mend breaks.

Why Use Coconut Oil In Your Hair?

Daily grooming can damage your hair, including washing it too frequently, dying it, and styling it with hot tools such as a curling iron or straightener. It is almost impossible to keep our hair away from “naturally damaging it” but there are many things one can do to restore its shine and strength.

One of them is using coconut oil. Whether you have the time to apply actual coconut oil to your hair and leave it a few minutes to absorb or use a coconut oil shampoo that has the same properties of such, using it has been proven to provide people with many incredible benefits for their hair, skin, and scalp. 

Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars - Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut Oil Can Help Protect Your Hair & Scalp

Coconut oil protects your scalp and hair, even though it doesn't have a significant nutrient content that delivers special benefits when applied topically. Coconut oil creates a barrier on the scalp that prevents bacteria and irritants from causing more damage. You should figure out what's causing your scalp problem or breakage so you can avoid it in the future.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which has healing effects and is especially prone to absorb into the strands of your hair. Coconut oil penetrates fast into your hair, adding hydration and helping to manage frizz and mend breaks.

A Natural Ingredient Excellent For Your Hair & Skin

Coconut oil and coconut oil extract are natural ingredients that can help moisturise and hydrate both your hair and skin. Apart from this, many studies have demonstrated that by using coconut oil in your hair it will actually grow faster. This is due to all the nutrients and no additives it has, that penetrate your cuticle and allow faster growth to be achieved.

Furthermore, studies show that coconut oil can help with scalp psoriasis symptoms. While it won't cure the problem, it will help to alleviate the symptoms of scalp irritation. Coconut oil hydrates your hair as well as is healthy for your scalp. It works better than other oils at repairing damaged hair because it is quickly absorbed.

Prevent Damage From Your Hair

As stated above, our hair will inevitably get damaged on a daily basis due to washing, styling, and dying it. Of course, you can reduce the number of times you wash your head, as well as the number of times you go to the salon or decide to plug in a hair straightener, but in essence, hair will always be on the line. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

By investing in a coconut oil shampoo you can truly protect your hair from future damage while allowing it to recover from past damage. A shampoo with coconut oil, especially one made with natural and only the necessary ingredients, can help your scalp tremendously.

The Hair Cooki coconut oil shampoo bar is a great example of this, thus it is made with only six ingredients, making it a super gentle shampoo bar and the one you need to have in your bathroom to start looking after your hair. We also have the matching coconut conditioner! 

Hair Cooki coconut oil shampoo bars

Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner For Your Hair

In this article, we covered the basics of coconut oil and the benefits it can grant you when applied to your hair. In essence, it is excellent for preventing damage and restoring your hair’s health if you’ve been through a rough patch. Whether you use coconut oil directly into your hair or choose a shampoo that has the ingredient in it, such as Hair Cooki’s coconut oil shampoo bar, you can start seeing a significant change in your hair in little to no time.

At Hair Cooki we strive for making natural and efficient shampoo and conditioner bars that are grateful for your hair, scalp, and skin as well as for the environment. Our eco-friendly packaging and containers contribute to reducing contamination and damage to the planet. We’re committed to putting our grain of sand and educating users on why switching to all-natural shampoo bars and conditioners not only can improve their health but their life too. 

Here you can take a look at all our shampoo bars and conditioner bars so you can start seeing incredible results today. 

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