How Do Shampoo Bars Work?

How Do Shampoo Bars Work?
A much-needed guide about shampoo bars to help you in your transitioning process
Shampoo soap bars are quite popular these days, especially on social media, but how do they actually work? This article has all the answers you’re looking for. 
Below you can learn all about shampoo bars, including what they are, how they work as well as useful tips for beginners to ensure you get the most out of every use. 
What Is A Shampoo Bar?
A shampoo bar is, as the name says, a soap bar-like shampoo that you can use instead of a regular bottle of shampoo. It is a solid version of your standard liquid option that doesn’t contaminate the environment nor contributes to increasing the harmful use of plastic that ends up in the sea. Hair Cooki shampoo and conditioner bars do not contain any soap, and are made using only hair care specific ingredients designed to help clean your hair, and keep it healthy, 
Shampoo bars don’t contain any liquid ingredients and only have the good stuff you rub directly into your hair. Shampoo and conditioner bars are great for looking after the environment while taking better care of your hair; since each bar is highly concentrated, you only need to use a bit of the product. Typically, a single shampoo bar equals up to three bottles of regular shampoo or conditioner.
How To Use A Shampoo Bar
Hair Cooki lemon shampoo bar being used by the blue ocean on a sandy beach. Girl has brown hair and wears a blue bikini
Shampoo and conditioner bars, just like the traditional liquid ones, have the sole purpose of cleaning your scalp and removing any oils. This is very important to have in mind when switching to solid versions.
Shampoo and conditioner bars are slightly different from each other when it comes to applying them to your hair. To start off with shampoo, simply grab the bar and get it wet to later rub it between your fingers. After this, use the bar on your scalp, making sure to cover your hairline all around your head (forehead, nape, etc).
Make sure to run the product on the back of your hair to have all oils and dirt removed. If you have long or a lot of hair, it is best to section your hair and work in layers to ensure the shampoo is distributed properly. Once you’re done rubbing the bar, you can spend a few seconds massaging your head to really get the product where you want it. You will feel the shampoo bars foaming up.  Many people using shampoo bars for the first time are surprised by how little they need to use to get a lot of foaming. Once you're ready - rinse it out as normal. 
Using Conditioner Bars
As for conditioner bars, since they’re designed to moisturise your hair, they have a sñight different procedure. Just like regular liquid conditioners, bars need to be applied to the stands and ends of your hair, keeping as far away from your scalp as possible. 
Then, simply leave the product for a few minutes and rinse, just like you’d do with a regular conditioner. 
Girl with blonde wet hair is using a white coloured Hair Cooki shampoo bar
Switching To Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: A Beginner's Guide
If you’re new to the shampoo and conditioner bar group, this mini guide with tips will come in handy. 
Hair Cooki Shampoo and conditioner bars are eco-friendly and offer excellent nutrients to your hair. There are different types of bars depending on your hair such as for those who have a sensitive scalp, oilier, or dryer hair. Depending on which one you choose, ingredients may vary, but they’ll always be natural and optimal for constant use. 
Hair Cooki creates top-class affordable shampoo bars and conditioners for all of Australia and the rest of the world, focusing on reducing plastic and contamination while providing our customers with excellent products for their hair. 
After choosing the right soap bar for your hair, which you can easily do on our website after a quick free haircare quiz, there are a few considerations to have in mind. Don’t be afraid if you use too much or too little product on your first try, it is a matter of time and personal preferences to determine the amount of shampoo or conditioner you need to use on your hair.
Once you’re done using your bar, leave it on a soap dish with drainage to allow them to fully dry for your next use. This will help with preserving the product and extending its lifespan. 
Switching from liquid products to natural shampoo and conditioner bars is great if you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption. However, since their “applying techniques” are a bit different, you might go through a brief process where your hair gets a bit greaser or drier than normal; not because the bars damage your hair, but because you might need some time to adjust to the new way of getting the product properly on your hair. 
Why Trust Hair Cooki?
Hair Cooki is an Australian-based business that creates shampoo and conditioner bars. Hair Cooki Shampoo Bars are made primarily of natural components with no additional water or plastic. Instead of being blended with water in a bottle, the shampoo is concentrated in a bar. Every one of our bars comes with a reusable tin in which you can store it or use it for travel / transportation. But don't just take our word for it, check out our hundreds of 5 star reviews here from non biased, genuine customers. 
I founded Hair Cooki with the mission to educate customers on how to make small changes that have a big impact on our planet, as well as to reduce the amount of plastic and contamination that clouds up everywhere, especially in the sea.
Hair Cooki has a broad catalogue of shampoo bars and conditioners as well as beginner kits, for those who are new to the soap bar game. We focus on delivering quality and affordable products that last a very long time, compared to regular liquid shampoos and conditioners. Further, all of our products went through a rigorous elaboration process where only the necessary and natural ingredients are thrown into the mix, allowing your hair and scalp to benefit from them without harming or damaging the planet. 
Take a look at our products and find out the best one for you. Start your change today and watch how your hair gets better and better while helping the environment. 

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